Our Difference

Blue Colibri is a specialized investor with a unique set of skills in commercial real estate


Colibris are highly specialized. They only live in certain regions and their special flying style allows them to drink the nectar right out of the flower

  • High specialization
  • Regional focus
  • Proven investment strategy


Even though Colibris can stand still in the air, they are the fastest flyers on earth (length specific velocity). A Colibri flies as fast as 385 times its own body length within a second

  • Excellent local knowledge
  • Flat hierarchy
  • Fast transaction completion


Colibris are very efficient. Due to their unique metabolism and food source of nectar, they can cross the Gulf of Mexico (800 km) with only 4 grams of nectar

  • Highly qualified, multi-disciplinary team
  • Efficient operating principles
  • Competitive priced with minimal overhead